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Uni&Co. leather messenger bags are all handmade and skilled craftsman put their heart into making then in the atelier in Tokyo.
How, exactly, are Uni&Co. bags made? You can see the full manufacturing process here.


Selection of leather

Uni&co.leather messenger bags are out of a sheet of leather.
So we try to select the overall good condition leather.


Determining which pieces are ideal for a bag

Leather is different one by one as it's natural material and has naturally-derived scratch and changes through the tanning process. Judging from the condition, craftsman determine which pieces are ideal for a bag.
Examined by strict standards, there are some cases where we don't use most of the leather.



Cutting leather

Skilled craftsman cut leather off for the messenger bag.
They use leather cutting knife, as the cutting size is a little bit big for die and mold.
The sophisticated skills is needed for cutting uniformly such a large sheet of leather.


Outer stitching process

The leather is stitched into the shape of messenger bag.
We'll select the thread's color depending on the leather color.



Attach the calking

Calking is fixing metal which will provide powerful holding force by crushing or twisting.
As Uni&Co. leather messenger bags are out of a sheet of leather, we use the calking to strengthen joints where is needed the strength performance.


Inner stitching process

The inner which is made of cotton is stitched.
Attached pockets are complex, this process is a little bit detailed work.



Attach the strap and buckle

Attach the strap and buckle which is called cam buckle.
Cam Buckles are characteristically used in messenger bags.


The completion of leather messenger bag

The bag is formed by combining the outer and the inner into one.