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Messenger bag is a functional bag that is optimized for the messenger to carry luggage on the bike.
In order to safely carry your precious cargo, it has been designed to be as fit the body tightly.

Originally messenger bag is a professional gear, but it has become very popular as a shoulder bag for everyday use.
You can adjust the strap length to your liking.

I hope you have mastered the basic use for comfortably usage.

Or left hook, right hook?

Messenger bag is supposed to be used in the diagonal credit as shoulder bag.
Or left hook, right hook, which one would be?

Squeezing the strap tight and fitting snugly to the body, you can use it comfortably without fear of shifting even riding a bicycle. (Of course, there is no problem even if you do a little loosely tighten the strap.)

When you carry a messenger bag on your back, strap-tightening buckle is on the right side.
Left hanging is supposed to be desirable, as you can tighten the strap easily.

When you tighten the strap, it's better to put the winding under your right armpit so that strap dose not interfere on the bicycle and not caught by the obstacle.

How to tighten the strap

Pull to top of the loop when tightening

Take the bracket down when loosing

Put the winding strap under your arpit