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Shingapore/6-8 business days.
Hong Kong/6-8 business days.
U.S/8-10 business days

We’ll ship within 3 business days of your purchase by EMS(Japan Post).


Q2. What is the characteristic of Uni&co. messenger bag?


It has garnered immense praise with its design of the unique horizontally long form. Adding that, the combination of leather and messenger bag is also praised as something like no other.
As a matter of couse, quality is highly praised as the one and only messenger bag with its functionality based on the experience and knowledge, its high durability of one sheet of leather and its appeal of handmaded by skilled craftsmen in Tokyo.

Q3. Which color are popular?


Popular Colors are as follows. ・CAMEL - Hand waxed leather with excellent luster ・BLACK - Classics as suitting any particular scene · DARK NAVY - Firm impression with matte luster finish

Q4. Which size is better to put a raptop or tablet devices?


You can put the 9-inch tablet devices like iPad from M size. iPad mini will be able to put in XS size. Around 11-inch raptops can be stored in L size.

Q5. Why stick to one sheet of leather?


It comes from a strong desire for customers to use the leather messenger bag of Uni & co. with tasting the unique personality of leather.
Leather is a natural material. Individual states of leather it varies depending on scratches, the processing of dyes and tanning.
In order to express the personality and taste of leather, skilled craftsman handmade the bag.
"Fit with no stiff when it is carrying" , “The form of the curve" and "Durability of one sheet of leather to be able to use for a long time" Realizing these features with leather messenger bag of Uni & co. is difficult in the process of manufacturing a bag by connecting the leather.
Uni & co. will continue to stick to production with one piece of leather not high production efficiency.

Q6. Tell me the characteristics of the leather you are using.


We offer several types of leather to suit a variety of styles.
We use the carefully selected leather from North America, Japan, and Italy.
You can choose the leather of your choice. Such as vegetable tanned leather which you can enjoy its aging process, combination tanned leather with less state changes, grain finish leather can enjoy its texture and waxed leather with a fine gloss.

Q7. I want to see the real thing.


My apology that there is no store dealing in our product in the Hong Kong,Singapore and United States.

Q8. Postage does it take?


Free shipping fee.

Q9. How to care


We use natural leather with Uni & co. products. The more you use them everyday, the more they're aged beautifully. Also, there are some lethers which you can enjoy the aging process. For daily cleaning, It's good enough to wipe bags using a soft cloth and brush dust off. In case bags get wet with rain, please wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth. After return to original shape, dry it in the cool place in the shade. If bags are stained with sweat or soiled with the hand, you should wipe with a cloth containing a small amount of leather cleaner. Before using leather cleaner, it's better to do a pre-test on a small, concealed area of bags.
When you store bags, you should prevent them from getting moldy.
Make sure to keep it in a well-ventilated place low humidity at low temperature. More information on how to Care is here

Q10. What payment methods can I use?


We make payments by Paypal only.