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We use natural leather with Uni & co. products.
The more you use them everyday, the more they're aged beautifully.
With simple, regular maintenance they will last longer.

Daily care

For daily cleaning, It's good enough to wipe bags using a soft cloth and brush dust off.

Periodic maintenance

If bags are stained with sweat or soiled with the hand, you should wipe with a cloth containing a small amount of leather cleaner. Before using leather cleaner, it's better to do a pre-test on a small, concealed area of bags. If any liquids like coffee is spilled on leather, dab well to remove liquid using a wet cloth and prevent the spread of the liquids. It will be difficult to remove the stain if it's deposited in the leather.

In case bags get wet with rain

Wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth.
After return to original shape, dry it in the cool place in the shade.

How to store

When you store bags, you should prevent them from getting moldy.
For preventing mold, you'd better to remove stain with sweat and soil by handling them before long-term storage.
Make sure to keep it in a well-ventilated place low humidity at low temperature.
It is not recommended that you store bags in a plastic bag, since moisture tends to accumulate in the plastic bag.
Also you should keep bags away from mothball as it can bring about a change of color.


We pay close attention to the selection of material.
However, there are some cases where rubbing, scratches and unevenness are on the leather.
It is because our bag is made to make the most of the appearance and feel of natural leather.
In addition, there are some cases where the color of the product is different from the picture on the web.
Besides, in the nature of the product, the color may change, or may be migrated to light-colored clothes.
Please pay attention to the points described above fully in treating.